Public Safety
  • The homicide rate and occurrences of shootings are out of control. Alan will make public safety a top priority and will focus on addressing the root causes behind our homicide crisis and gun violence.  

  • Alan will finally put a stop to the practice of “stop & frisk”  

  • Alan will bring back neighborhood community policing  similar to “Operation Sunrise” and create safe corridors where we can move safely around our neighborhoods  

  • Sufficient police presence to deter shootings 

  •  Will advocate for Focused Deterrence strategies

Diversity & Minority Contracting

Kenney is taking our city backwards to a time when Minorities didn’t have a share in our city:  

  • Canceling minority contracts and delaying renewals  

  • Cancelled PRWT facilities contract for 1500 Arch Street, the Municipal Services Building, and the Criminal Justice Center  

  • Has reduced African American city contracts from 19.5% to 17.3%  

  • Has reduced the minority share of procurement department contracts from 67% to 17%  

Alan has a proven record of fighting for minority contractors:

  • As City Controller, he and his office interviewed 1,500 contractors, identified problems such as lack of access to capital, and made specific recommendations to city government based on best practices in other cities.   

  • As Controller Alan is the first member of City Government to bring enforcement action against someone for cheating minority contractors out of their fair share, when he brought a fraudulent action against Bork Contracting  

Job Creation & Economic Development

Philadelphia is experiencing a crisis of poverty – the poorest major city in the United States  


Alan will move our city forward:  

  • Prioritize new job creation and economic growth for everyone  

  • Focus on jobs with sustainable, living wages  

  • New jobs at the Port of Philadelphia will provide high-paying, family sustaining employment  

Tax Reform

Right now, our system creates big tax increases every year - this is unacceptable

  • Reassessments should be revenue neutral. It should be an automatic annual tax increase as it is now

  • Will reform taxation and create policies that are progressive – meaning people are taxed according to what they can afford to pay  

  • Will cap property tax increases at 6% a year max 

  • Kenney’s Loop Program is flawed and doesn’t provide the relief that he claims it does.  

Alan Will Eliminate Corruption
  • Kenney’s past and current campaigns for Mayor have been largely funded and completely controlled by John Dougherty, who is currently under federal indictment

  • We must hold our elected leaders to a higher standard  

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