has spent his entire life devoted to serving our city. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Alan’s ties to the city run deep. He and his wife Theresa live in Northeast Philadelphia in the same home where they raised their two children, Rachel and Edward. Alan attended Overbrook High School, Temple University and Temple University School of Law before beginning his career as an attorney and quickly making a name for himself with a number

of landmark achievements early in his career.

In 1980, he won a first amendment case in U.S District Court Third Circuit that opened up the Mummers Parade to women, minorities, and new entrants. Soon after, Alan was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and served for fifteen years. As a Representative, Alan led a three-year bipartisan investigation into violence in Philadelphia public schools. That investigation led to creation the Office of the Safe School Advocate, the first of its kind in the nation. The Office of the Safe School Advocate proved a powerful tool for ensuring the safety of Philadelphia students by not only fighting for victims of school violence but also monitoring the School District of Philadelphia’s compliance with the Safe Schools Act. In a move that showed his loyalties were firmly with his constituents and not the party establishment, Alan fought against his party's leadership to successfully repeal a tax requiring senior citizens to include social security, pensions, and veteran's benefits as taxable income.


After a successful career fighting and advocating on behalf of the people of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Alan made the decision to run for Philadelphia City Controller. In 2005, he was elected with over 70% of the vote. During his twelve years as City Controller, the Office received multiple national awards and implemented strategies that have become the standard for cities around the country. As City Controller, Alan protected senior citizens from tax increases on their retirement income, fought corruption and financial waste in city government, and stood up for minority contractors saving tax payers over $800 million in the process seeing the mismanagement of the City’s current administration, lack of accountability, and failure to address the rising homicide rate, Alan decided he could not stand on the sidelines any longer and watch our city fall further into chaos. As Mayor, Alan will cap property tax assessment increases at no more than 6% per year, improve public safety, and bring accountability back to city government.

Democrat For Mayor of Philadelphia

  Alan Butkovitz

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